Jul 4, 2019

Things need to be considered in SEO

Things need to be considered in SEO

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If you are an entrepreneur then you must acknowledge the complexity of your marketplace where you are swimming in. That is without a doubt that starting an economical business is harder than it appears.

If you want to promote your business then you should take attention and shelter of online media and online environment that is an incredible wellspring of creating high traffic. These consist of high rated strategy to let your business fly.

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There is a saying in Digital marketing or internet marketing that digital marketing is known by the name of SEO. If you want to learn SEO from very beginning level then let’s check out this " A STARTING JOURNEY OF SEO"

In order to be in the favourable position in Google SERP, we do need to avoid the stated things below.

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  1. Try not to duplicate the content from somewhere else or glue it to your page or to blog. Else, it will hit plagiarism
  2. Don’t make any contribution in any backlinking schemes. It will lead to de-indexing.
  3. Cloaking, It is a practice of showing something different to search engine crawlers than your visitors.
  4. Don’t hide your text and links
  5. Doorway pages It is a practice of creating a specific page for specific searches to funnel your traffic from there.
  6. Don’t push your keywords in an article or in blog, Otherwise, it will be counting in spamming, or it will hit the keyword density, We should stay with 1 or 2 % in order of Keyword density.
  7. Your content should be relevant to your niche or the title you are writing on, It should not be un-relevant like you used to do in your exam, most of us push unrelated stuff in our exam, But in order to get ranking in search engine we should avoid doing these mistakes.
  8. Highlighted content with using thin font and pages showing sponsored ads or affiliate links, will not get good ranking and counted in unfriendly to users.

"Things need not to be considered in SEO” We will cover this in our next SEO blog let’s stay in touch.

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